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This is the home of Diphthong Type Foundry, an independent font design studio run by me, Max Hancock. It's located in the Washington DC area in the United States. Since it is a small studio managed by one individual, it currently provides only one font for sale, however several others are in development. At the moment, I am focused on developing innovative display fonts and specialty fonts for information graphics and product design. I started my typeface design career while living in Singapore, working as an art director, making custom fonts for companies who needed typefaces made to match their brand logo and style. For several companies, I made typefaces that were not published publicly. In 2011, I made my first font for sale, Diphthong. For a time, I needed to take a break from making typefaces, but now, in 2020, the break is over, and I'm back at learning about, experimenting with, and creating new fonts. I am looking to partner with other type designers who might want to join the shop. If you think that person is you, feel free to contact me here and tell me about yourself. Want to see more information about me and my work? You can see my portfolio site at maxhancock.co.


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