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The Diphthong typeface was designed by Max Hancock and released for sale on at MyFonts in April 2011. The challenge was to create a single typeface weight that is versatile enough without an extensive font family, as a single type weight for a variety of media formats, like online, book copy, and advertising headlines. Diphthong originated as glyphs for a logo for the company Diphthong Interactive Design. When the company disbanded, the glyphs were modified and developed as a complete font with a standard 244 glyphs. Created initially between the years 2002 and 2004, the inspiration for the design originated from the concepts of Stefano Giovannoni’s uber-contemporary industrial designs aesthetic. One of the goals of designing this typeface was to create a slab serif form that was playful and serious, interchangeably. The characteristics of the font followed a postmodern playfulness, popular in many sub-cultures looking for an alternative to the harsher, cut-shape, deconstructivist styles. A unique objective to its design was to make the unusual text combination “hth” look legible and less unusual. The soft, roundings make for a playful look while the diametrical style of the cut edge ascenders and slab serifs give it a more scholarly feel. Diphthong Italics, which are actually obliques, not italics, is a complementary style meant for casual text emphasis.

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